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New NV Law Should Help Apartment Dwellers Recycle

by Daniel E. Fava
nevada apts: recycle

nevada apts: recycleAs a follow up to my article on Nevada apartments I found this and want to link to it.

Ever wish your apartment complex provided recycle bins so you could toss those bottles and newspapers in instead of throwing them in the trash?

Well, SB137 is one of the new Nevada laws that went into effect recently, and it says that recycling bins must be made available for residents of apartments and condos in Clark County, Nevada according to https://green.lasvegasnow.com/2009/10/05/new-nevada-should-help-apartment-dwellers-recycle/#comment-81637.  All new apartments are required to have an area dedicated to recycle bins-separate from the trash area. These plans must be approved before construction begins. Exsisting apartments will be required to make room for recyle bins as well.

If you don’t have bins in your complex contact your apartment manager or your Clark County Commissioner.

How about you? Any luck finding Nevada apartments? Comment below.

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