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Nevada Rentals: 4 Cities With Super-Low Apartment Rental Prices

by Daniel E. Fava

nevada rentals: death valleySometimes you’ve got to go where the prices are low. Check out this list of the 4 cities in Nevada where rates for rentals are at the bottom. Average rent prices for apartments in these cities ranges from $866 per month in Reno, to $915 per month in Pahrump.

Pahrump, NV: $915

One of the main reasons prices are low here is because the cost of commuting two hours each day to Las Vegas and back is so expensive. Since the overwhelming majority of Pahrump’s more than 40,000 residents commute to Sin City each day, rental prices absorb part of the cost of all that gasoline.

Pahrump is actually a great place to live, if you’re okay with being so far from the rest of civilization. The town is right outside of Death Valley National Park and has the Sierra Nevada mountains right out the window. The people here are friendly and the town has developed nicely over the last 30 years, when it started seeing rapid growth from people trying to escape the big city.

Carson City, NV: $905

Probably my favorite Nevada town, Carson City has a great feel to it, and a great restaurant for burritos named Super Burrito. The town is full of culture and history. There are fun walking tours, great museums, Nevada’s capitol, and easy access to larger cities like Reno, which is only 32.5 miles away. When you live in Carson City, you can take visitors from out-of-town to see Virginia City, a nearby town that is right out of an old western movie. They’ll love it.

Winchester, NV: $892

Winchester contains part of the Las Vegas strip, but doesn’t technically exist according to the U.S. Postal Service, which has assigned “Las Vegas, NV” as the place name for this little town. Living in Winchester is so affordable because it’s right in the thick of things with city all around.

Reno, NV: $866

“The Biggest Little City in the World” also happens to have the cheapest rent in Nevada for cities with populations over 20,000. Don’t let the reduced rates here alarm you — Reno is a wonderful place with four distinct seasons, wonderful shopping, great restaurants and easy access to outdoor fun. One of the reasons the rent here is so low is that the current economic situation in the United States has created difficulties for the city. Unemployment for Washoe County as of February 2011 was 13.2%, compared to the national average of 9.2%

So, if you need low rent, you’ve got places to look all over the State of Nevada. Rentals are just waiting for you to show up and sign a lease. With vacancy rates as high as they are, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a great apartment.

How about you? Any luck finding Nevada rentals? Comment below.

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