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How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Apartment Rentals in Nevada? Rates From 13 Communities

by Daniel E. Fava

rentals in nevada: skatingHow much can you expect to pay for apartment rentals in Nevada? While prices for apartment rentals in Nevada vary from city to city, it’s surprising to see that only major communities near Las Vegas cost more than $1,000 per month. Here’s a list of 13 communities in geographically distinct areas along with their population sizes and average rental cost for apartments in each community.

Las Vegas Metro Area

Everyone is familiar with Las Vegas, but most people don’t know how many communities actually make up the Las Vegas Metro Area. The lowest rents here are in Winchester (which houses part of the Vegas Strip) and the highest are in Enterprise, a beautiful suburb with a park built on a mountain and plenty of places to explore. Here is a list of rent rates for the different communities in the metro area:

  • Enterprise, NV – population: 78,488 average rent: $1,356
  • Henderson, NV – population: 252,064 average rent: $1,206
  • North Las Vegas, NV – population: 224,387 average rent: $1,148
  • Spring Valley, NV – population: 117,390 average rent: $1,135
  • Las Vegas, NV – population: 567,641 average rent: $1,005
  • Sunrise Manor, NV – population: 156,120 average rent: $934
  • Paradise, NV – population: 196,821 average rent: $930
  • Whitney, NV – population: 18,273 average rent: $921
  • Winchester, NV – population: 26,954 average rent: $892

Reno Metro Area

The Reno Metro Area is the polar opposite to Vegas — with four distinct seasons and easy access to skiing and Lake Tahoe, the only similarity is the casinos. Reno has a fun little strip in the downtown area and Sparks is more community-oriented with great shopping opportunities and a marina for summertime fun. Here is a list of rent rates for the two communities:

  • Sparks, NV – population: 88,602 average rent: $961
  • Reno, NV – population: 220,500 average rent: $866

Other Significant Cities

The list wouldn’t be complete without Pahrump, the quaint town an hour west of Las Vegas and near Death Valley National Park; or Carson City, the capital city of the State of Nevada. Pahrump has exploded over the past 30 years with 95% of its current population moving to the community within that time, and Carson City has a wonderful historic feel with great museums and a rich heritage. Here is a list of rent rates in Pahrump and Carson City:

  • Pahrump, NV – population: 41,654 average rent: $915
  • Carson City, NV – population: 52,547 average rent: $905

So, really, when you choose where you’d like to find apartment rentals in Nevada, you should consider average rent rates, the population size, and the proximity to major population centers. Nevada offers everything from urban to rural, upscale to simple, hot to cold, and new to old. Happy apartment hunting!

How about you? Any luck finding apartment rentals in Nevada? Comment below.

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